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Go-Ped Scooters

Say hello to the original California Go-Ped Scooter: an American-made classic that has been in production for over 30 years and completely revolutionized the electric scooter industry. This extremely rugged and sturdy gas scooter have made their way into the hearts of many and only continue to grow in excellence as they adapt to more modern technologies and advanced engine systems. Originally designed to create a simple, economical and fuel-efficient form of transportation, this motorized stand up scooter boasts a variety of key features that separates it from the pack. Some of them include:

  • Effortless folding features for easy storage and carrying ability
  • Efficient drive system with only one moving part
  • Easily converts to a standard kick scooter when drive is disengaged
  • Unparalleled fuel efficiency

This stand up gas scooter includes a simple drive transmission, which improves the power delivery to the rear wheel and helps increase the efficiency of the scooter making this adult kick scooter perfect for fun-lovers of all ages! Browse our inventory of a variety of Go-Ped models and see just how exciting they can be!

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