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Kawasaki FH680V-S32 Vertical 1-1/8"(28.575") X 3-15/16" (100 mm) Shaft
Kawasaki FH680V-S32 23hp vertical small gas engine

Kawasaki 1-1/8" Vertical Shaft
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Product Code: FH680V-S32

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Description Cross Reference

The Kawasaki FH680V-S32 Engine: Small Gas Engine With Power and Reliability

With 1-1/8" X 3-15/16" Vertical Shaft

Electric Start Motor


The FH680V-S32 Is one of the strongest replacement engines on the market with its wide variety of uses in zero-turn mowers, lawn and garden tractors and walk-behind mowers. It is SAE certified and built to handle the toughest terrains and the worst conditions. The FH680V-S32 Kawasaki engine also offers a guaranteed 3 year consumer or commercial warranty on all parts and labor.

The Kawasaki 23 HP gas engine is powerful, heavy duty, and built to handle years of rugged use. Order now to take advantage of our extremely low prices and our incredibly fast free shipping on all orders over $100 and give us a call at 888-208-2088, 248-628-4638 to speak with any one of our Kawasaki Gold memebers to help you find exactly what you need.

The Kawasaki FH680V-S32 engine is a direct replacement for many brands such as Scag, Ransomes, Toro, Exmark, CGC, Bad Boy, Auburn Consolidated, KMC, Ariens, Excel, MTD, Dixie Chopper, Husqvarna, CHP, Little Wonder, Snapper, Ferris and many others.

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FH680V-S32 Engine

When it comes to powerful and reliable small gas engines, one name stands out: Kawasaki. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, Kawasaki has been a leading manufacturer of engines for over a century. Among its impressive lineup, the Kawasaki FH680V-S32 Engine is a standout performer, offering exceptional power and durability for a wide range of applications.

The FH680V-S32 Engine is part of Kawasaki's FH series, known for its superior performance and reliability. With a displacement of 675cc, this engine delivers an impressive 23 horsepower, making it suitable for a variety of small engine applications. Whether you need power for your lawn mower, generator, or other equipment, the FH680V-S32 Engine has you covered.

In addition to its impressive performance, the FH680V-S32 Engine also boasts a range of advanced technologies that contribute to its overall excellence. Kawasaki's Digital Fuel Injection (DFI) system ensures precise fuel delivery, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Furthermore, the FH680V-S32 Engine features Kawasaki's Automatic Compression Release (ACR) system. This innovative technology simplifies starting the engine by reducing the amount of force required to turn the flywheel. Whether you're starting your equipment in cold weather or after a long period of inactivity, the ACR system ensures a quick and hassle-free start every time.

Carroll Stream Motor Company

Carroll Stream, a trusted distributor of small gas engines, recognizes the exceptional quality and performance of the Kawasaki FH680V-S32 Engine. As a leading supplier of engines and parts, Carroll Stream offers a wide range of Kawasaki engines, including the FH680V-S32, to meet the needs of various industries and applications. With their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, Carroll Stream ensures that customers receive top-notch products and support.

In conclusion, the Kawasaki FH680V-S32 Engine is a true powerhouse in the world of small gas engines. With its V-Twin design, advanced technologies, and exceptional performance, it's no wonder that this engine is highly sought after by professionals and enthusiasts alike.
  • Specifications
  • Make
  • Kawasaki
  • Model
  • FH680V-S32
  • Type
  • Small Engine
  • Fuel
  • Gas Unleaded 86 Octane or Higher
  • Engine Type
  • 4 Stroke OHV Twin Cylinder
  • Bore/Stroke
  • 3.0 X 3.0 in
  • Displacement
  • 675 cc
  • Max Torque
  • 41.2 FT. Lbs
  • Starting Type
  • Electric Start
  • Charging Coil
  • 15 Amp
  • Starting System
  • Electric Shift Starter
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
  • 18 x 17 x 24 in.
  • Exhaust Included
  • No
  • Fuel Tank
  • No
  • Dry Engine Weight
  • 105lbs.
  • Shaft Type
  • Keyed - Straight
  • Shaft Diameter
  • 1 1/8" Diameter, 1/4" Keyway
  • Shaft Length
  • 3-15/16" Total
  • Shaft I.D. Thread Size
  • 7/16"-20 Drilled and Tapped
  • Bolt Pattern
  • 4 Bolt
  • Oil System
  • Pressurized with oil filter
  • Oil Capacity
  • 2.0 Qts
  • Oil Cooler
  • High Efficiency
  • Reduction Type
  • None
  • Engine Cooling Type
  • Forced Air Cooling
  • Features
  • 3 Year Consumer Warranty
  • 3 Year Commercial Warranty
  • Mechanical Governor
  • 4 Stroke OHV Small Engine
  • Heavy Duty Air Filter
  • Dipstick in Crankcase
  • Cross Reference Guide
  • Kohler: CV750
  • Accessories
  • User Manual

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